Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 2 & 3

Blogger would just not co-operate with me yesterday.  So I am doubling up today.

Yesterday, I was thankful to be employed in a job I enjoy, folks that make me smile, and for a respectable employer.  With the recession a few years back, and the recent local layoffs in my area, I have never been more thankful.  I work with the best group of guys, all of whom I consider to be friends.  They make going to work every day so much easier. 

Today, I am thankful for the food on my table.  Spent the afternoon cooking and baking, and I know not all have even the basic necessities.  The food bank in my area has been overwhelmed these last few weeks with the layoffs, and I have donated as much as I could.  Many in the town have stepped up and donated and volunteered, and it is wonderful to see the community rally around those in need.

What are you thankful for today?

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