Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Day in the Big City

Jess and I spent the day in Halifax yesterday shopping, looking around, playing tourists.

This the the Halifax Harbour from the MacKay Bridge.

This is Lower Water Street down by the waterfront.

Buskers Festival starts today so there were some set up yesterday. I love bagpipes, and paired with the drummers, it was awesome.

This is the Alexander Keith's Brewery. Alexander Keith is buried in a downtown cemetery and his grave site is often littered with Keith's beer cans and bottles from those who are there to share a beer with the man himself.

This is Georges Island which sits in the mouth of the harbour. That is the yacht I was planning to buy when I won the 6/49 last night. But I didn't win.

These are Beaver Tails. They are a slab of fried dough and are available in a variety of toppings. Jess had Skor and I had Chocolate Hazelnut. They are yummy!

Nova Scotia Crystal is on the waterfront also. It is the only mouth blown crystal being made in Canada. Stop by at the right time and you can watch them work.

We went to Bubbles Mansion for dinner and a drink. We first went to Bubbles in 2007 when we were in Nova Scotia for our wedding. We enjoyed it so much, I made a point of going back on this visit.

Big mistake.

The menu is vastly different from our last visit. And not for the better, I am sad to say. But if you are a TPB fan, do stop by. They have the shed there!

Jess and her drink. I think it was called the Hydroponic.

The bar.

Me and my drink, the Samsqantch.

Our drinks and the condiment cart.

We also went on the Harbour Hopper Tour. It is an amphibious vehicle from the Vietnam War that has been transformed into a tour bus.
These shots are from Citadel Hill.
We're goin' in!! Oh my, I got splashed! I almost puked. If you knew what was in the Halifax Harbour, you'd puke too.

Got some great pictures of the waterfront, the Historic Properties, and the Naval Shipyard from the Harbour Hopper.
All in all it was a great day with only a little sunburn.
Don't be like us and forget your sunscreen!

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