Sunday, August 2, 2009

Valley Views

Yesterday, Jess and I played tourist in the Valley. We set off at lunch time after seeing Tina and Ian off.

We headed for Port Williams to The Port. It is a gastropub owned by Valley doctors. It's decor, location, and atmosphere are fabulous. They menu is filled with local produce, meats, and beverages. I immediately spied Berry Ginger Ale on the beverage menu and Jess always has the lemonade.

The ginger ale is no Canada Dry. Real ginger baby! This drink has zing! Jess' lemonade was quite refreshing.
Anyone that knows Lee and I knows we are chicken wing fanatics. The Port offers wings as an appetizer, and I was very tempted to order them. But, I just can't have chicken wings in Nova Scotia when the fresh seafood is so bountiful. So I ordered the Baked Haddock with ceaser salad. Jess ordered the Lobster Club and a skewer of garlic shrimp, which she says she orders every time.

The baked haddock arrived with crispy panko covering lightly seasoned fresh flaky fish.

Jess' lobster club had large chunks of real lobster meat. Nothing fake around these parts.

Both dishes were delicious. Had to get a shot of the lobster claw meat poking out of the sandwich.

We then decided on the Apple and Strawberry Fruit Crisp for dessert. While tasty, I am used to a more chunky fruit in my crisps, while this was more like apple sauce.

We then headed for Wolfville. Wolfville is home to Acadia University and a host of beautiful old homes. We stopped for a few shots.

We drove up on Ridge Road to get a shot of Wolfville from above. You can see Cape Split too.

We also picked up some gelato from Casa Mia. I had coconut and chocolate hazelnut. Very yummy!

We stopped at Hennigar's for some veggies and snacks. They had purple and white bell peppers!
They have lots of yummy treats at Hennigar's. They make their own apple juice that you can sample. And they make their own corn pops! They are good!

We went to Hall's Harbour in the evening, more on that tomorrow!

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