Friday, July 31, 2009

Country Morning

Jess, Emma, and I took some retail therapy yesterday morning. We headed to Berwick to Wheaton's. Wheaton's is gift/home decor/furniture store. There are four Wheaton's stores now, but I think the original is the best. I love primitive, and you don't see it much in Alberta. But my suitcase is only so large. It is probably best I don't live in Nova Scotia anymore because I could blow entire paychecks at a prim store.

Wheaton's also has Cider Press Cafe. When Emma decided she was hungry, we did too. Jess loves the raspberry lemonade, but I tried (and loved) Kay's Sweet Tea. Whenever I am in NS and we eat out, I try to eat seafood. Seafood in Alberta scares me sometimes. So I got lucky as the special was a haddock sandwich.

It was a small fillet on a soft bun with a rich and tangy homemade tartar. Despite it's size, it was delish. The cream of mushroom soup was great too.

Jess had the mushroom foccacia with house salad topped with poppyseed dressing. I know I stick to my seafood rule, but I really should have deviated from it here. That sandwich was fabulous!!!

The benefit of smaller portions is ample room for dessert. I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly dense, not overly sweet Coconut Cream Cake. It was divine. Jess had the warm gingerbread, which she said was delicious, but no picture.

We cooked up a storm last night. I am BBQ'ing some of the steaks I brought from Alberta tonight and have company coming. So I whipped up a cheese dip, Kahlua fruit dip, a chocolate chip cheese ball, and two batches of baked fudge. The baked fudge isn't for the BBQ, but I forgot the butter in the first batch. D'oh! So I made another. Much better. Butter makes a big difference, trust me.

Check back tomorrow for a recap of tonight's events!
Here is a pic I just took of Emma. What a cutie pie!

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  1. I wish Josh and I were in NS with you guys :(