Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Home In My Heart

I haven't lived in my hometown in 11 years, but I still consider it my true home. In my first days of vacation, that's where I headed. The wedding was there, my grandma still lives there, and my best friend Mindy is still there. Mindy and my grandma are good at evading crazed photographers, cause I don't seem to have any pictures of either of them from my visit.

Here is the harbour in fog.

Here is the harbour sans fog.

The wharf is sometimes jammed with scallop boats, but most were out this day.

There are a few must go to places to eat when I am home. House of Wong is my favorite chinese place, and every chinese place I eat at gets compared to it. It has been open for 65 years so they must be doing something right.

Roadside Grill has tasty seafood and great homemade Acadian dishes. We have been going here since we were kids too.

Chez Jean has always been the go to place for ice cream!

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