Saturday, July 18, 2009

You know summer is approaching when....

Wendy's Dairy Bar is open! Wendy's is a takeout/drive thru spot about 45 minutes from town that is only open when the cooktops/fryers can supply sufficient heat. So that is usually from about late April till mid October.

Lee used to work in the area quite a bit and became enamored with their food. I have heard from many their fried chicken is the best ever. It is cooked to order and they prefer you call ahead for the family meals to shorten your wait time. At meal times, the place is overloaded with patient customers.

Last weekend, we were passing through and made a point of stopping as we haven't been yet this year. I just love love love their french fries and gravy!

They make milkshakes with real fruit instead of flavoring. The strawberry one is the best. Lee's favorite is the double mushroom burger.

It comes in a super size muffin liner to catch all the drips! Genius! The burgers have their fair share of house seasoning, and are very tasty.

As you can see, we are dining a la automobile. Wendy's only has 3 or 4 picnic tables and this is a popular spot.

Wendy's Dairy Bar is far better than any franchise fast food could dream of being.

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